Frozen – Le Avventure di Olaf: audio e testi delle canzoni!

17 Novembre 2017
17 Novembre 2017 Federica Fratocchi

Pronti a cantareEccovi in anteprima tutte le canzoni del
prossimo cortometraggio Disney Frozen – Le Avventure di Olaf!

Frozen - Le Avventure di Olaf


Frozen - Le Avventure di Olaf, Olaf

Come ormai tutti saprete, il prossimo Dicembre prima del film Disney•Pixar “Coco“, verrà proiettato il cortometraggio “Frozen – Le Avventure di Olaf“. (In caso ve lo foste persi, QUI trovate il trailer). Come per il film “Frozen – Il Regno di Ghiaccio“, (e per ogni lungometraggio Disney che si rispetti) anche in questo caso i produttori non si sono certo trattenuti sulle interpretazioni canore! Abbiamo quindi pensato di raccogliere in questo articolo, in anteprima per voi, le canzoni in lingua originale che accompagneranno il cortometraggio con i relativi testi. Buon ascolto!


Ring in the Season

(interpretata da Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel e Josh Gad)

[Anna:] Look at everyone that’ll realize
We planned a party as a big surprise
Soon the ballroom will echo with sounds of cheer
As we ring in the season this year

[Elsa:] This is overdue
Gotta look our best
[Olaf:] I’ve never been so nicely dressed
[Elsa:] We’ll be hosting and toasting the whole night through
As we ring in the season with you

[Anna:] It’s the first Christmas in forever
[Elsa:] Since we opened up the gate
[Anna:] And it’s the first Christmas I remember to date
[Anna & Elsa:] And it’s already worth the wait!

[Tutti:] Look at all the joy that is everywhere
[Elsa:] I feel the Christmas spirit in the air
[All:] And the party will start at the strike of noon
And we’ll ring in the season so soon

[Tutti:] And it’s almost time to ring the bell
And hear it chime through Arendelle

[Elsa:] It’s finally here and it’s happening fast
[Anna:] We’ll make up for all we have missed in the past
[Tutti:] It’s time to celebrate
As we ring in the season at last!

The Ballad of Flemmingrad

(interpretata da Jonathan Groff)

[Kristoff:] Every December, we all gather ‘round
To pay our respects to a troll so renowned
In remembrance of the friend we had
A jolly old soul we called Flemmingrad
We all dig deep down and we uproot the past
We shove up its nostrils a fist full of grass
We shape his likeness, bless his soul
Oh, Flemmy the fungus troll


Ring in the Season (ripresa)

(interpretata da Idina Menzel)

[Elsa:] It was long ago, they would ring the bell
We could hear it chime through Arendelle
I remember the way that I felt back then
We would ring in the season
We would ring in the season


That time of year

(interpretata da Josh Gad)

[Olaf:] Happy, merry, holly, jolly season’s greetings here
I’m wondering what your family does at that time of year
Love and joy and peace on Earth and tidings of good cheer
Do you have tradition things
For that time of year

[Abitanti del villaggio:] Well, we hang up boughs of evergreen on every single doorway
Bake a giant cookie in the wavy shape of Norway
Go from door to door to door while sailing with our choir

[Olaf:] Hang up all your giant socks above an open fire
(That sounds safe)

So happy, merry yuletide carols, faithful friends are dear
Thanks for sharing what you do
At that time of year

(Better get a move on if we’re gonna hit every house in the kingdom)

Jolly, merry, happy, holly, on a midnight clear
I’m here to ask you what you do
At that time of year
Hi, shalom, happy solstice, fancy chandelier
I’m looking for tradition stuff
For that time of year

[Abitanti del villaggio:] Well, we make our decorations out of flotsam and jetsam
Bake a yummy fruitcake, and you can’t leave till you get some

[Olaf:] (That went right through me)

[Abitante del villaggio:] Buy each other presents and then hide them very nimbly

[Olaf:] Wait up for a chubby man to shimmy down your chimney

Oh, happy, merry, muletide barrels, faithful – of cheer
Thanks for sharing what you do
At that time of year
Thank you

[Abitanti del villaggio:] We knit scarves and sweaters and we wear our matching mittens
Don’t forget the jammies that I knitted for my kittens
Eight nights in a row we light menorahs on our mantels

[Olaf:] You cut down a tree and then you dress its corpse with candles
…I love it!

Anna and Elsa will have all that they need
I’ll fill my sleigh here with the help of my steed
It’ll be the best time of year
[Abitanti del villaggio:] It’s up to you
[Olaf:] Up to me
[Abitanti del villaggio:] Up to – (mew!)

[Olaf:] Happy, merry, Mele Kaliki, holly, jolly, happy, tappy
A chubby man will soon appear and faithful friends, a tiny deer
And festive tidings, midnight clearing
(Did I leave this fruitcake here?)
At that time of year!


That time of the year (ripresa)

(interpretata da Josh Gad)

[Olaf:] Happy, merry, holly, jolly,
I’ve never meant to let them down
At that time of the year.


When we’re together

(interpretata da Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel e Josh Gad)

[Elsa:] Sure, it’s nice to open a gift 
That’s tied up with a perfect bow
[Anna:] But the greatest present of all
Was given to me long ago
[Elsa:] It’s something I would never trade
It’s the family that we’ve made

[Anna:] ‘Cause when we’re together
I have everything on my list
[Elsa:] And when we’re together
I have all I wished
[Anna:] All around the Christmas tree
There’ll be dreams coming true
[Elsa:] But when we’re together
Then my favorite gift is you

[Elsa & Anna:] I would travel miles and miles
And I would follow any star
I’d go almost any place
If it’s any place you are

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
[Anna:] When we’re together
[Elsa:] I’ll forever feel at home
And when we’re together
[Anna:] When we’re together
[Elsa:] We’ll be safe and warm
[Elsa & Anna:] Doesn’t matter where we are
If you’re there with me

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
That’s my favorite place
[Elsa & Anna:] To be
‘Cause when we’re together
[Elsa:] It’s a holiday every night
[Elsa & Anna:] And when we’re together
Then the season’s bright

[Elsa:] I don’t need the bells to ring
[Anna:] I don’t need the bells
[Elsa:] I’ll know when it’s here
[Anna:] I’ll know when it’s here

[Elsa:] ‘Cause when we’re together
[Elsa & Anna:] I could stay forever
And when we’re together
[Anna, Elsa & Olaf:] It’s my favorite time of year


Per la versione italiana delle canzoni di “Frozen – Le Avventure di Olaf“, come al solito stay tuned!

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